Indians Update

Event Details

  • September 4th, 2021

  • 8:00 AM

  • Cross Country

  • MS

  • Girl

  • Game

  • Ohio Classic

  • Home

  • OPEN

  • Liberty Park

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Game Summary





MS Girls Cross Country Run At Ohio Classic

The middle school girls ran very well Saturday at the Ohio Classic. The following are the Individual times along with team place.

1st Taylor Thoroman 13:22

3rd Kennedy Sexton 14:40

6th Olivia Covault 14:51

21st Riley Meek 17:34

26th Sofia Mezo-Mil 18:31

31st Claire Winkle 19:57

32nd Carys Langston 20:01

47th Allison Hendrix 21:54

55th Arianna Cummings 27:00