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Updated Guidelines Regarding Spectators at Winter Events

The OHC will allow winter sports to have spectators. Admission to any OHC event will be limited by the capacity of the indoor facility. The host school will calculate capacity that maintains social distancing between family groups with a maximum limit of the lesser of 300 (indoor events) or 15% of fixed, seated capacity. Schools will submit facility capacity (both home and away when applicable) to the Commissioner who will then compile a list that will be sent to all member schools. When possible, home and guest spectator seating areas should be clearly marked, and efforts should be made to limit home and visitor seating to designated areas. Maximum capacity in the home section shall be 15% and maximum capacity in visitor seating should also be 15% of the seated capacity.

Spectators must wear a Mask at ALL TIMES when attending an OHC event. Only time Masks can be lowered below nose and mouth, when a spectator is actively eating or drinking.

The Athletic Directors will facilitate the sale of tickets to both home and away spectators for the sports of basketball and wrestling, as necessary, in a manner that limits seating to each facility’s reduced capacity numbers.

The primary purpose of permitting Sports spectators is to allow and encourage the family and household members and loved ones of players, coaches, team staff members, officials and other event participants (cheerleaders, etc.) to observe and share in the experience.

Seating must be assigned in groups of no more than four people who know one another, but members of the same household may be seated together even if there are more than four people.

Each seating group must be separated from the next group by at least six feet in each direction.

Spectators must conduct daily symptom checks and anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.


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