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President:  Bill Hinterschied  whinterschied@sbcglobal.net  614-208-0313
Vice President:  Gary VanAlmsick tigersqbclub@att.net   614-620-1016
Treasurer:  Hank Kerstetter kckerstetter@msn.com   614-743-5333
Secretary:  Amy Hannahs tigerboosters@yahoo.com   614-783-0595
Programs:  Lynda Sharrett lyndasharrett1990@hotmail.com  614-313-5499


Pickerington Central's Fight Song

Purple, White, Purple, White

Rack up that ol' score

You're the one with lots of pep

So pep it up some more...

Purple, White, Purple, White

Fight on for your fame.

Fight, Tigers, fight, fight, fight

To win this game.

PHSC Alma Mater

Oh, Lying in Ohio's hills

Is our fair Alma Mater

Bounded by rocks and rills

Oh, Pickerington is her name

Hail to her, sing to her

Our Alma Mater true

As our hearts with memories fill

All hail the purple and the white