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  • January 26th, 2021

  • 5:00 PM

  • Swimming

  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Home

  • Chillicothe HS, Washington HS

  • Fayette YMCA

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Swim 1/26/21

Swimmers enjoying record-making season



By Chris Hoppes -


Washington’s record-setting 200-yard freestyle relay team (l-r); Audrey Lotz, Julianne Bailey, Addy Newsome and Jordan McCane set a new mark of 2:03.33.

Washington’s record-setting 200-yard freestyle relay team (l-r); Audrey Lotz, Julianne Bailey, Addy Newsome and Jordan McCane set a new mark of 2:03.33.


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Miami Trace freshman Brianna Thompson has set new school records this season in the 200-yard individual medley (2:48.87); 100-yard butterfly (1:28.81) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:27.28).


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Miami Trace freshman Alexa Streitenberger is the current school record-holder in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1:16.09.


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Washington sophomore Audrey Lotz currently holds the school-record in the 100-yard butterfly (1:12.97) and 100-yard backstroke (1:10.51). Lotz, Julianne Bailey, Addy Newsome and Haley Brenner also hold the record for the 200-yard medley relay (2:11.06).


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On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Washington High School and Miami Trace High School had a swim meet with Chillicothe and Adena.

Chillicothe won the girls’ meet with 463 points. Miami Trace was second with 389 points and Washington was third with 385 points.

In the girls’ meet, Washington’s Audrey Lotz won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:12.97.In the boys’ meet, Chillcothe won with 465 points. Washington was second with 219 points, Miami Trace was third with 189 points and Adena was fourth with 183 points.

Lotz also won the 100-yard backstroke in a time of 1:10.51.

Washington’s Julianne Bailey won the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:18.93.

In the boys’ meet, Miami Trace’s Christian Rossiter won the 500-yard freestyle event in 6:49.28.

Washington won the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:48.05. That relay was comprised of Ty Rose, Preston Hines, Ryan Elrich and Benaiah Harper.

The Frontier Athletic Conference championship meet will be held at the Fayette County YMCA next week. The boys teams will swim on Tuesday, Feb. 2, and the girls will all swim on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

200-yard medley relay: Washington, 2nd, 2:11.06 (Audrey Lotz, Julianne Bailey, Adeline Newsome, Haley Brenner); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:30.56 (Keely McBride, Brianna Thompson, Alexa Streitenberger, Debbie Abare); Washington, 4th, 2:43.72 (Garren Walker, Jordan McCane, Chloe Lovett, Allison Clay); Miami Trace, 6th, 3:02.14 (Abbie Brandt, Courtney Arnold, Emily Moser, Kelsey LeasureMiami Trace and Washington girls results

200-yard freestyle: Abbie Brandt, MT, 3rd, 2:57.43; Courtney Arnold, MT, 4th, 3:06.38; Chloe Lovett, W, 5th, 3:06.90; Garren Walker, W, 6th, 3:09.99

200-yard individual medley: Julianne Bailey, W, 2nd, 2:36.40; Brianna Thompson, MT, 3rd, 2:50.44; Kaley Moser, MT, 5th, 3:33.96

50-yard freestyle: Courtney Arnold, MT, 3rd, 35.47; Allison Clay, W, 4th, 36.73; Kelsey Leasure, MT, 5th, 45.17

100-yard butterfly: Audrey Lotz, W, 1st, 1:12.97; Adeline Newsome, W, 2nd, 1:15.28; Brianna Thompson, MT, 3rd, 1:23.32; Emily Moser, MT, 6th, 1:39.18

100-yard freestyle: Keely McBride, MT, 3rd, 1:08.25; Debbie Abare, MT, 4th, 1:10.89; Haley Brenner, W, 5th, 1:14.94; Jordan McCane, W, 6th, 1:15.10

500-yard freestyle: Natalie Truex, W, 3rd, 7:09.29; Emily Moser, MT, 4th, 7:24.47; Abbie Brandt, MT, 5th, 7:43.91; Chloe Lovett, W, 6th, 8:03.81

200-yard freestyle relay: Washington, 2nd, 2:10.05 (Garren Walker, Jordan McCane, Haley Brenner, Adeline Newsome); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:14.28 (Debbie Abare, Kaley Moser, Alexa Streitenberger, Courtney Arnold)

100-yard backstroke: Audrey Lotz, W, 1st, 1:10.51; Alexa Streitenberger, MT, 3rd, 1:18.14; Keely McBride, MT, 4th, 1:21.59; Natalie Truex, W, 5th, 1:23.80

100-yard breaststroke: Julianne Bailey, W, 1st, 1:18.93; Jordan McCane, W, 2nd, 1:3804; Kaley Moser, MT, 3rd, 1:48.13; Kelsey Leasure, MT, 5th, 2:18.12

400-yard freestyle relay: Washington, 2nd, 4:37.66 (Julianne Bailey, Audrey Lotz, Adeline Newsome, Haley Brenner); Miami Trace, 3rd, 4:52.86 (Debbie Abare, Alexa Streitenberger, Brianna Thompson, Keely McBride); Washington, 4th, 5:21.05 (Chloe Lovett, Natalie Truex, Garren Walker, Allison Clay); Miami Trace, 6th, 6:03.85 (Abbie Brandt, Kelsey Leasure, Kaley Moser, Emily Moser)

Washington and Miami Trace boys results:

200-yard medley relay: Washington, 2nd, 2:13.78 (Benaiah Harper, Preston Hines, Ty Rose, Blake Walker)

200-yard individual medley: none200-yard freestyle: Ryan Elrich, W, 2nd, 2:24.33; Christian Rossiter, MT, 3rd, 2:24.81; Max Trimble, MT, 5th, 2:42.55; Blake Walker, W, 6th, 2:55.10

50-yard freestyle: Ty Rose, W, 2nd, 25.82; Ryan Elrich, W, 4th, 29.55; Kaiden Howard, MT, 7th, 36.83; Neo Lehr, MT, 42.58

100-yard butterfly: none

100-yard freestyle: Benaiah Harper, W, 2nd, 59.55; Blake Walker, W, 4th, 1:08.79; Kaiden Howard, MT, 7th, 1:22.69

500-yard freestyle: Christian Rossiter, MT, 1st, 6:49.28; Max Trimble, MT, 2nd, 6:58.79

200-yard freestyle relay: Washington, 1st, 1:48.05 (Ty Rose, Preston Hines, Ryan Elrich, Benaiah Harper); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:08.99 (Max Trimble, Caleb Bowers, Kaiden Howard, Christian Rossiter)

100-yard backstroke: none

100-yard breaststroke: Preston Hines, W, 2nd, 1:20.99; Caleb Bowers, MT, 5th, 1:43.10; Neo Lehr, MT, 6th, 2:15.42

400-yard freestyle relay: Washington, 2nd, 4:22.23 (Benaiah Harper, Blake Walker, Preston Hines, Ty Rose); Miami Trace, 5th, 5:15.77 (Max Trimble, Christian Rossiter, Caleb Bowers, Neo Lehr)