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We do not accept any bills larger than $20

We are a high school office and do not keep large amounts of cash on hand.  We can not accept any bill larger than a $20.  Our bank has asked us not to accept these and we do not have the cash on hand to give change back for $50 or $100 bills.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  


Photo Gallery

  • Athletic Trainer 

Bryan Jett
  • Athletic Trainer 

Tara Handley
  • Facilities Coordinator

Jake Elfers
  • AD Admin Asst 

Kristy Brulport
  • Assistant Athletic Director

Eric Fry
  • Athletic Director

Brian Conatser
  • Assistant Principal

Matt Buis
  • Assistant Principal

Brittany Buhrlage
  • Principal 

Peggy Johnson
  • Superintendant

Dr.Amy Crouse