Creating Community in an Isolated World

Lebanon City Schools will be offering Warrior Stack remotely/virtually at NO CHARGE to our student athletes for the next four weeks beginning on Monday, April 6th.  Access to Warrior Stack @ Home may be obtained through the Warrior Stack tab on our 8to18 website homepage, through Google Classroom and via Lebanon Schools Facebook page. 
The Warrior Stack Google Classroom code is: anjlqzt
The Youtube welcome video from Warrior Stack coaches can be found here:
Please know the format will not change only the manner in which it is presented.
We invite you to join and fully participate.  We would encourage you to get your family involved as well.

LCS is committed and dedicated to "Creating Community" in our currently isolated world.  



4/13/2020 7:00 AM

Mission Statement



The Lebanon City School District considers athletics to be an integral part of the school’s educational process by providing experiences outside the academic classroom that will assist in educating the student-athlete physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. We believe that by promoting sportsmanship at all levels, the athletic program instills pride and reinforces a sound value structure, and enhances the individual’s self-image, as well as the image of the school district and the community.




The Lebanon City School District's Athletic Programs will encourage high levels of participation that will enable Lebanon to be the standard of excellence through:


  • Supporting academic success


  • Promoting self-discipline, a call to serve, and personal development


  • Fostering the development of life skills-teamwork, sportsmanship, ethics and integrity