Spectator Update Nov 25 2020

The following information is regarding our athletic events between now and January 1st. November 24th, Governor DeWine encouraged schools to consider no spectators at events while cases are surging in Ohio. That announcement was later amended by OHSAA to include parents. November 25th, members of the Ohio Heritage Conference met to discuss a conference-wide agreement on spectators. Effectively immediately, attendance will be limited to parents, guardians, and step-parents of the athletes. Unused parent tickets cannot be given or used by other members of the family. Please understand that some sports may have additional spectator restrictions based on the event size or location. Those will be communicated prior to the events with individual coaches and teams. 

Parents in attendance are required to sit with members of their own household and asked not to congregate before, during, or after the game with individuals from outside of your home. 

It is our goal to continue to offer sports for our athletes and we are working to do all we can to keep our venues as safe as possible. We are asking that you please adhere to these guidelines and increased precautions. We want to continue offering sports and allowing parents to watch their athletes participate. 

Coaches have been asked to communicate with their athletes and compile a list of parent names. This list will be used at home and away games and people will not be permitted to enter the venues if their names are not on the list. We are committed to streaming our home events so family and friends can watch the games from home. OHSAA, OHC and Greeneview administrators will re-evaluate this plan at the end of December.


12/30/2020 5:00 PM

GIRLS Softball

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2019-2020 Varsity Schedule
Date Day Event H/A Time Location Results
03/20/2020* Fri @ Alter - CANCELLED Scrimmage A 5:00 PM Alter -
03/28/2020* Sat @ Northridge - CANCELLED A 11:00 AM Northridge -
03/28/2020* Sat @ Northridge - CANCELLED A 1:00 PM Northridge -
03/30/2020* Mon vs. Catholic Central - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
03/31/2020* Tue @ Greenon - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Greenon -
04/02/2020* Thu @ Adena - CANCELLED A 5:15 PM Adena -
04/03/2020* Fri @ Madison Plains - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Madison Plains -
04/06/2020* Mon vs. Southeastern - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
04/07/2020* Tue @ Cedarville - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Cedarville -
04/09/2020* Thu vs. Troy Christian - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
04/10/2020* Fri vs. Northeastern - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
04/13/2020* Mon @ West Liberty Salem - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM West Liberty Salem -
04/14/2020* Tue vs. Triad - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
04/17/2020* Fri @ Fairbanks - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Fairbanks -
04/18/2020* Sat vs. Urbana - CANCELLED H 11:00 AM GHS Softball Field -
04/20/2020* Mon vs. West Jefferson - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
04/21/2020* Tue @ Mechanicsburg - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Mechanicsburg -
04/22/2020* Wed @ Clinton Massie - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Clinton Massie -
04/24/2020* Fri @ Catholic Central - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Catholic Central -
04/25/2020* Sat vs. Washington Court House - CANCELLED Doubleheader H 11:00 AM GHS Softball Field -
04/27/2020* Mon vs. Greenon - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
04/28/2020* Tue vs. Madison Plains - CANCELLED H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
05/01/2020* Fri @ Southeastern - CANCELLED A 5:00 PM Southeastern -
05/04/2020* Mon vs. Cedarville - Cancelled H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -
05/05/2020* Tue @ Troy Christian - Cancelled A 5:00 PM Troy Christian -
05/07/2020* Thu vs. Chaminade Julienne - Cancelled H 5:00 PM GHS Softball Field -