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OHSAA Member Schools Update:
We also want to reemphasize that our schools should do all that they can to keep crowds to a minimum, even going below the Ohio
Health Director’s Sports Order that limits spectators to the lesser of 15 percent permanent, fixed seats or 300. Our recommendation
is that you limit your crowds to parents and immediate family members. By not being cautious and reducing the number of
spectators, we are putting our student-athletes at risk of not only contracting and/or spreading COVID-19 but also risking the
possibility of losing the winter sports seasons for our students, their families, their teammates, their schools and their communities.
So again, we strongly suggest you follow our recommendation on spectator limits. We will continue to study the data on COVID-19 and continue in discussions with the Governor’s Office to determine if we need to make changes to our seasons.
We (Greeneview) are interpreting immediate family members as family members that live with the athlete as well as parents/step parents.

2/28/2021 8:00 PM

Spectator Attendance

Effective Jan 5, 2021, each athlete’s family will be given access to purchase up to 4 tickets for home events. Tickets are for parents, step-parents, and those living in the same house. The guidelines have increased from 2 to 4 tickets so now families can bring siblings to events. Families must sit together in a group of 4 in the bleachers. 

Athletic Spectator Guidelines (2).jpg

2/28/2021 6:00 PM

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