Mission Statement

We believe that our students should explore as many roads as possible. It’s the best way to become familiar with their whole selves.  We encourage them to participate in sports from a young age and more than 80 percent of our students in grades 1 through 12 participate on at least one team.. With our no-cut policy and broad range of sports to choose from, if students want to compete, they join a team. They learn early on what it means to be students and athletes, and how to be responsible balancing the two.

This balance is essential to success as a student-athlete as they learn effective time management techniques, study skills, and proper dietary habits. Our coaches work as mentors on and off the field, guiding our students as they grow and learn lessons that will serve them well into adulthood. 

And at the end of each season, students realize that they are part of something much more than a team. That’s what Stinger pride is all about.