Blue Lions Update

Event Details

  • December 2nd, 2017

  • 9:00 AM

  • Wrestling

  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Away

  • Franklin Pool Style Tournament

  • Franklin HS

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Game Summary





Team Places 6th at Franklin Zane Nelson and Chris Conger both place 2nd


Team places 6th with 10 overall place winners  Link to full results here

Franklin Invitational
Franklin High School, Franklin, OH
December 2, 2017

  Team Score  
1. LaSalle 314.5  
2. Western Brown 215.0  
3. Valley View 199.0  
4. Ross 174.0  
5. Jay County 137.5  
6. Washington 115.0  
7. Franklin 113.0  
8. Campbell Co. 86.0  
9. Reading 78.5  
10. Carroll 58.0  
11. Norwood 56.5  
Bye points earned 
after win in pool
Seventh Round
106:2x4 1st- Duston Norris (LaSalle) dec. Wilber Compress (Reading)   7-1
  3rd-Ethan Mayo (Valley View) forfeit Ricky Tussey (Franklin)   Forfeit
  5th-Ben Breaker (Ross) pin Jason Holden (Campbell Co.)   3:28
  7th- Dylan Racster (Jay County) pin Courtney Walker (Washington)   0:50
113:1x6 Brandon Lucas (Western Brown) pin Joey Dima (Valley View)   5:25
  Collin George (Washington) maj. dec. Nicholas Romano (Carroll)   md16-3
  Cody Orth (Campbell Co.) pin Tayler Klarer (Jay County)   1:34
120:2x4 1st- Lucas Byrd (LaSalle) dec. Jake Gentry (Ross)   7-5
  3rd-Tyler Harkins (Norwood) dec. Justin Mills (Valley View)   11-4
  5th- Levi Clay (Washington) dec. Casey Imhof (Campbell Co.)   11-5
  7th-Zakk Atkins (Jay County) maj. dec. Orlando Smith (Reading)   md9-0
126:2x5 1st- Antoine Allen (LaSalle) dec. Sean Conway (Carroll)   10-3
  3rd-Jacob Woodard (Campbell Co.) dec. Conner Sands*LAS (X1)   2-0
  5th- Tyler Woods (Franklin) pin Pippy Johnson (Norwood)   2:30
  7th-Gage Daugherty (Western Brown) pin Tyler Bruns (Ross)   0:48
132:2x4 1st- Casey Ragle (Norwood) dec. Thomas Ketchen-Carter (Campbell Co.)   3-2
  3rd- Casey Wiles (LaSalle) dec. Tanner Donathan (Western Brown)   7-1
  5th-Kevin Myers (Valley View) maj. dec. Bryan Quiroz (Carroll)   md9-1
  7th- Talon Webb (Ross) pin Ian Liette (Jay County)   1:25
138:2x4 1st- Darnai Heard (LaSalle) dec. Seth Taylor (Western Brown)   6-4
  3rd- Brayden Ploehs (Ross) dec. Logan Raney (Franklin)   2-1
  5th-Dustin Robins (Reading) pin Dalton Mathews (Valley View)   1:32
  7th-Jason King (Carroll) Bye Bye   Bye
145:2x4 1st- E`lan Heard (LaSalle) tech. fall Colton Robins (Reading)   tf16-1
  3rd- Jordan Hamblin (Western Brown) pin Caleb Cox (Valley View)   0:21
  5th-Tyler Dishun (Franklin) pin Will Baughn (Washington)   2:22
  7th-Sean Beltran (Ross) dec. Matthew Grieshop (Carroll)   10-4
152:2x4 1st- Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) dec. Zane Nelson (Washington)   3-1
  3rd- Kole Deel (Valley View) dec. Issia Johnson (Reading)   3-2
  5th-Evan Harris (Franklin) dec. Chad Robinson (Western Brown)   4-3
  7th-Dylan Campbell (Ross) pin Cameron Addis (Norwood)   2:05
160:2x5 1st- Mason Winner (Jay County) pin Derek Spears (Western Brown)   5:44
  3rd- Blake Coy (Carroll) maj. dec. Logan Iams (Ross)   md14-5
  5th-Josh Sawyer*CAR (X1) dec. Austin Napier (Valley View)   6-3
  7th-Michael Ritchie (Franklin) dec. Sam Conner (Reading)   9-7 OT
170:4x3 1st- Trey Sizemore (LaSalle) pin Chris Conger (Washington)   2:51
  3rd-Dylan Mosher (Western Brown) dec. Gage Johnson (Franklin)   5-2
  5th-Hunter Ernst (Valley View) dec. Garrett Boyle (Ross)   8-3
  7th- Chandler Chapman (Jay County) dec. Brian Zink*CAR (X1)   5-1
182:2x4 1st- Eric Altman (Western Brown) dec. Blake Wilson (LaSalle)   7-2
  3rd- Austin Hamblin (Ross) pin Mitchel Frasher (Jay County)   1:15
  5th-Christian Meyers (Valley View) pin Collier Brown (Washington)   4:49
  7th-Caulil Sewell*LAS (X1) forfeit Jared Kremer (Franklin)   Forfeit
195:2x4 1st- Stone Day (Valley View) dec. Michael Baker (LaSalle)   2-1 OT
  3rd-Davey Stamper (Western Brown) dec. Ethan Mills (Ross)   1-0
  5th-Daniel Ostrowski (Jay County) dec. Jaimie McCane (Washington)   6-4
  7th-Garvin Adams (Franklin) Bye Bye   Bye
220:2x4 1st- Garrett Bledsoe (LaSalle) pin Tom Coleman (Ross)   1:08
  3rd- Hunter Lester (Franklin) pin Gaven Hare (Jay County)   1:25
  5th-Perry Gardiner (Valley View) pin Aaron Fischer (Western Brown)   2:12
  7th-Wes Frazier (Washington) Bye Bye   Bye
285:2x5 1st- Alex Coleman (Ross) dec. Robert Brown (LaSalle)   9-6
  3rd- Trent Wilson (Valley View) pin Seth Jermer (Western Brown)   2:19
  5th-Adrian Butterbaugh (Washington) pin Gavin Templin (Franklin)   0:33
  7th-Eric Tuttle (Reading) forfeit Tim Rolf (Campbell Co.)   Forfeit
Sixth Round
106:2x4 Duston Norris (LaSalle) pin Ethan Mayo (Valley View)   0:37
  Wilber Compress (Reading) pin Ricky Tussey (Franklin)   1:14
  Jason Holden (Campbell Co.) pin Dylan Racster (Jay County)   3:45
  Ben Breaker (Ross) pin Courtney Walker (Washington)   0:23
113:1x6 Brandon Lucas (Western Brown) pin Nicholas Romano (Carroll)   2:40
  Collin George (Washington) pin Tayler Klarer (Jay County)   3:13
  Joey Dima (Valley View) maj. dec. Cody Orth (Campbell Co.)   md11-0
120:2x4 Lucas Byrd (LaSalle) tech. fall Tyler Harkins (Norwood)   tf21-6
  Jake Gentry (Ross) maj. dec. Justin Mills (Valley View)   md16-3
  Casey Imhof (Campbell Co.) pin Zakk Atkins (Jay County)   3:04
  Levi Clay (Washington) maj. dec. Orlando Smith (Reading)   md9-1
126:2x5 Antoine Allen (LaSalle) tech. fall Pippy Johnson (Norwood)   tf18-3
  Jacob Woodard (Campbell Co.) pin Tyler Bruns (Ross)   1:58
  Conner Sands*LAS (X1) pin Gage Daugherty (Western Brown)   2:57
  Sean Conway (Carroll) dec. Tyler Woods (Franklin)   5-2
132:2x4 Casey Ragle (Norwood) dec. Casey Wiles (LaSalle)   3-2
  Thomas Ketchen-Carter (Campbell Co.) maj. dec. Tanner Donathan (Western Brown)   md12-0
  Kevin Myers (Valley View) pin Talon Webb (Ross)   3:43
  Bryan Quiroz (Carroll) dec. Ian Liette (Jay County)   6-4 OT
138:2x4 Darnai Heard (LaSalle) pin Logan Raney (Franklin)   5:05
  Seth Taylor (Western Brown) dec. Brayden Ploehs (Ross)   7-2
  Dustin Robins (Reading) Bye Bye   Bye
  Dalton Mathews (Valley View) maj. dec. Jason King (Carroll)   md11-1
145:2x4 E`lan Heard (LaSalle) pin Jordan Hamblin (Western Brown)   1:36
  Colton Robins (Reading) maj. dec. Caleb Cox (Valley View)   md10-2
  Tyler Dishun (Franklin) pin Sean Beltran (Ross)   4:38
  Will Baughn (Washington) pin Matthew Grieshop (Carroll)   5:47
152:2x4 Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) pin Issia Johnson (Reading)   4:30
  Zane Nelson (Washington) pin Kole Deel (Valley View)   1:05
  Evan Harris (Franklin) pin Cameron Addis (Norwood)   2:42
  Chad Robinson (Western Brown) maj. dec. Dylan Campbell (Ross)   md8-0
160:2x5 Mason Winner (Jay County) pin Blake Coy (Carroll)   4:20
  Austin Napier (Valley View) pin Sam Willis (Washington)   3:18
  Derek Spears (Western Brown) dec. Logan Iams (Ross)   6-2
170:4x3 Trey Sizemore (LaSalle) pin Dylan Mosher (Western Brown)   2:37
  Chris Conger (Washington) pin Gage Johnson (Franklin)   2:46
  Garrett Boyle (Ross) pin Brian Zink*CAR (X1)   1:44
  Hunter Ernst (Valley View) pin Chandler Chapman (Jay County)   5:50
182:2x4 Blake Wilson (LaSalle) pin Austin Hamblin (Ross)   1:15
  Eric Altman (Western Brown) maj. dec. Mitchel Frasher (Jay County)   md21-9
  Collier Brown (Washington) dec. Caulil Sewell*LAS (X1)   1-0
  Christian Meyers (Valley View) forfeit Jared Kremer (Franklin)   Forfeit
195:2x4 Stone Day (Valley View) pin Davey Stamper (Western Brown)   3:03
  Michael Baker (LaSalle) Default Ethan Mills (Ross)   Default
  Daniel Ostrowski (Jay County) Bye Bye   Bye
  Jaimie McCane (Washington) pin Garvin Adams (Franklin)   0:36
220:2x4 Garrett Bledsoe (LaSalle) pin Hunter Lester (Franklin)   1:17
  Tom Coleman (Ross) pin Gaven Hare (Jay County)   0:42
  Perry Gardiner (Valley View) pin Wes Frazier (Washington)   1:03
  Aaron Fischer (Western Brown) Bye Bye   Bye
285:2x5 Gavin Templin (Franklin) pin Eric Tuttle (Reading)   1:09
  Alex Coleman (Ross) pin Trent Wilson (Valley View)   5:55
  Adrian Butterbaugh (Washington) pin Conner Davis (Jay County)   1:46
  Seth Jermer (Western Brown) forfeit Tim Rolf (Campbell Co.)   Forfeit
Fourth Round
126:2x5 Jacob Woodard (Campbell Co.) pin Jayden Zimmerman (Valley View)   1:04
  Pippy Johnson (Norwood) dec. Tyler Bruns (Ross)   7-2 OT
  Mitchell Ferguson (Jay County) tech. fall Conner Sands*LAS (X1)   tf17-1
  Sean Conway (Carroll) pin Gage Daugherty (Western Brown)   0:44
160:2x5 Austin Napier (Valley View) pin Michael Ritchie (Franklin)   4:35
  Blake Coy (Carroll) pin Sam Willis (Washington)   1:11
  Josh Sawyer*CAR (X1) pin Sam Conner (Reading)   3:29
170:4x3 Trey Sizemore (LaSalle) tech. fall Garrett Boyle (Ross)   tf20-5
  Dylan Mosher (Western Brown) pin Brian Zink*CAR (X1)   1:06
  Gage Johnson (Franklin) dec. Chandler Chapman (Jay County)   3-2
  Chris Conger (Washington) pin Hunter Ernst (Valley View)   5:54
285:2x5 Alex Coleman (Ross) pin Eric Tuttle (Reading)   0:45
  Robert Brown (LaSalle) pin Adrian Butterbaugh (Washington)   1:36
  Seth Jermer (Western Brown) pin Conner Davis (Jay County)   1:47
Third Round
106:2x4 Duston Norris (LaSalle) pin Ricky Tussey (Franklin)   0:31
  Jason Holden (Campbell Co.) pin Courtney Walker (Washington)   0:44
  Ethan Mayo (Valley View) dec. Ben Breaker (Ross)   2-1
  Wilber Compress (Reading) pin Dylan Racster (Jay County)   0:48
113:1x6 Brandon Lucas (Western Brown) maj. dec. Cody Orth (Campbell Co.)   md17-3
  Tayler Klarer (Jay County) pin Nicholas Romano (Carroll)   1:53
  Joey Dima (Valley View) tech. fall Collin George (Washington)   tf15-0
120:2x4 Lucas Byrd (LaSalle) tech. fall Justin Mills (Valley View)   tf23-8
  Zakk Atkins (Jay County) pin Orlando Smith (Reading)   3:20
  Jake Gentry (Ross) maj. dec. Levi Clay (Washington)   md20-7
  Tyler Harkins (Norwood) pin Casey Imhof (Campbell Co.)   1:57
126:2x5 Antoine Allen (LaSalle) maj. dec. Jacob Woodard (Campbell Co.)   md12-4
  Tyler Bruns (Ross) pin Jayden Zimmerman (Valley View)   3:45
  Gage Daugherty (Western Brown) pin Mitchell Ferguson (Jay County)   3:39
  Conner Sands*LAS (X1) dec. Tyler Woods (Franklin)   5-2
132:2x4 Kevin Myers (Valley View) pin Bryan Quiroz (Carroll)   3:45
  Casey Wiles (LaSalle) dec. Tanner Donathan (Western Brown)   6-5
  Casey Ragle (Norwood) pin Talon Webb (Ross)   1:05
  Thomas Ketchen-Carter (Campbell Co.) pin Ian Liette (Jay County)   0:43
138:2x4 Darnai Heard (LaSalle) dec. Brayden Ploehs (Ross)   5-1
  Dustin Robins (Reading) pin Dalton Mathews (Valley View)   1:40
  Seth Taylor (Western Brown) dec. Logan Raney (Franklin)   10-3
145:2x4 E`lan Heard (LaSalle) pin Caleb Cox (Valley View)   0:27
  Tyler Dishun (Franklin) pin Will Baughn (Washington)   1:27
  Matthew Grieshop (Carroll) dec. Sean Beltran (Ross)   5-3
  Colton Robins (Reading) dec. Jordan Hamblin (Western Brown)   3-1
152:2x4 Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) dec. Kole Deel (Valley View)   8-2
  Cameron Addis (Norwood) pin Dylan Campbell (Ross)   2:32
  Zane Nelson (Washington) maj. dec. Issia Johnson (Reading)   md17-9
  Chad Robinson (Western Brown) dec. Evan Harris (Franklin)   4-0
160:2x5 Mason Winner (Jay County) pin Austin Napier (Valley View)   1:32
  Michael Ritchie (Franklin) dec. Sam Willis (Washington)   10-4
  Derek Spears (Western Brown) dec. Josh Sawyer*CAR (X1)   9-5
170:4x3 Trey Sizemore (LaSalle) pin Hunter Ernst (Valley View)   1:27
  Dylan Mosher (Western Brown) dec. Gage Johnson (Franklin)   4-2
  Chandler Chapman (Jay County) maj. dec. Brian Zink*CAR (X1)   md10-1
  Chris Conger (Washington) dec. Garrett Boyle (Ross)   6-5
182:2x4 Blake Wilson (LaSalle) forfeit Jared Kremer (Franklin)   Forfeit
  Mitchel Frasher (Jay County) dec. Collier Brown (Washington)   4-0
  Eric Altman (Western Brown) pin Austin Hamblin (Ross)   3:50
  Christian Meyers (Valley View) dec. Caulil Sewell*LAS (X1)   8-4
195:2x4 Stone Day (Valley View) tech. fall Ethan Mills (Ross)   tf25-10
  Daniel Ostrowski (Jay County) pin Garvin Adams (Franklin)   1:12
  Michael Baker (LaSalle) pin Jaimie McCane (Washington)   0:56
220:2x4 Garrett Bledsoe (LaSalle) pin Tom Coleman (Ross)   0:48
  Gaven Hare (Jay County) pin Hunter Lester (Franklin)   2:47
  Aaron Fischer (Western Brown) pin Wes Frazier (Washington)   1:33
285:2x5 Trent Wilson (Valley View) pin Gavin Templin (Franklin)   2:09
  Adrian Butterbaugh (Washington) forfeit Tim Rolf (Campbell Co.)   Forfeit
  Robert Brown (LaSalle) pin Conner Davis (Jay County)   0:52
Second Round
106:2x4 Duston Norris (LaSalle) pin Courtney Walker (Washington)   0:39
  Ricky Tussey (Franklin) pin Jason Holden (Campbell Co.)   3:23
  Ben Breaker (Ross) pin Dylan Racster (Jay County)   1:40
  Wilber Compress (Reading) dec. Ethan Mayo (Valley View)   8-6
113:1x6 Brandon Lucas (Western Brown) pin Tayler Klarer (Jay County)   0:27
  Cody Orth (Campbell Co.) pin Collin George (Washington)   1:23
  Joey Dima (Valley View) pin Nicholas Romano (Carroll)   1:49
120:2x4 Lucas Byrd (LaSalle) pin Orlando Smith (Reading)   3:25
  Justin Mills (Valley View) pin Zakk Atkins (Jay County)   5:56
  Jake Gentry (Ross) tech. fall Casey Imhof (Campbell Co.)   tf18-2
  Tyler Harkins (Norwood) pin Levi Clay (Washington)   3:49
126:2x5 Antoine Allen (LaSalle) pin Jayden Zimmerman (Valley View)   0:34
  Jacob Woodard (Campbell Co.) dec. Pippy Johnson (Norwood)   9-4
  Tyler Woods (Franklin) pin Mitchell Ferguson (Jay County)   5:35
  Sean Conway (Carroll) dec. Conner Sands*LAS (X1)   4-0
132:2x4 Tanner Donathan (Western Brown) dec. Kevin Myers (Valley View)   10-3
  Casey Wiles (LaSalle) tech. fall Bryan Quiroz (Carroll)   tf21-6
  Casey Ragle (Norwood) tech. fall Ian Liette (Jay County)   tf19-4
  Thomas Ketchen-Carter (Campbell Co.) pin Talon Webb (Ross)   0:49
138:2x4 Darnai Heard (LaSalle) dec. Dustin Robins (Reading)   6-1
  Brayden Ploehs (Ross) maj. dec. Dalton Mathews (Valley View)   md15-2
  Seth Taylor (Western Brown) pin Jason King (Carroll)   2:48
145:2x4 E`lan Heard (LaSalle) pin Tyler Dishun (Franklin)   0:33
  Caleb Cox (Valley View) pin Will Baughn (Washington)   1:41
  Jordan Hamblin (Western Brown) pin Matthew Grieshop (Carroll)   0:55
  Colton Robins (Reading) pin Sean Beltran (Ross)   5:07
152:2x4 Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) pin Dylan Campbell (Ross)   1:29
  Kole Deel (Valley View) dec. Cameron Addis (Norwood)   15-8
  Zane Nelson (Washington) pin Chad Robinson (Western Brown)   1:00
  Issia Johnson (Reading) dec. Evan Harris (Franklin)   12-7
160:2x5 Mason Winner (Jay County) pin Michael Ritchie (Franklin)   0:54
  Blake Coy (Carroll) pin Austin Napier (Valley View)   4:33
  Derek Spears (Western Brown) pin Sam Conner (Reading)   1:04
  Logan Iams (Ross) dec. Josh Sawyer*CAR (X1)   8-6
170:4x3 Hunter Ernst (Valley View) dec. Trenton Randall (Carroll)   7-1
  Dylan Mosher (Western Brown) pin Cooper Scott (Reading)   1:54
  Brian Zink*CAR (X1) pin Alan Bailey*WAS (X2)   1:49
  Garrett Boyle (Ross) pin Miguel Martinez-Gomez (Norwood)   0:17
182:2x4 Blake Wilson (LaSalle) pin Mitchel Frasher (Jay County)   2:50
  Collier Brown (Washington) forfeit Jared Kremer (Franklin)   Forfeit
  Eric Altman (Western Brown) pin Christian Meyers (Valley View)   1:16
  Austin Hamblin (Ross) pin Caulil Sewell*LAS (X1)   0:22
195:2x4 Stone Day (Valley View) pin Daniel Ostrowski (Jay County)   3:22
  Ethan Mills (Ross) pin Garvin Adams (Franklin)   0:56
  Davey Stamper (Western Brown) pin Jaimie McCane (Washington)   5:47
220:2x4 Garrett Bledsoe (LaSalle) pin Perry Gardiner (Valley View)   0:40
  Gaven Hare (Jay County) pin Aaron Fischer (Western Brown)   3:56
  Hunter Lester (Franklin) pin Wes Frazier (Washington)   0:18
285:2x5 Alex Coleman (Ross) pin Gavin Templin (Franklin)   0:33
  Robert Brown (LaSalle) forfeit Tim Rolf (Campbell Co.)   Forfeit
  Seth Jermer (Western Brown) dec. Adrian Butterbaugh (Washington)   5-3
First Round
106:2x4 Duston Norris (LaSalle) pin Jason Holden (Campbell Co.)   1:04
  Ricky Tussey (Franklin) pin Courtney Walker (Washington)   4:33
  Ethan Mayo (Valley View) pin Dylan Racster (Jay County)   3:10
  Wilber Compress (Reading) tech. fall Ben Breaker (Ross)   tf17-0
113:1x6 Brandon Lucas (Western Brown) pin Collin George (Washington)   5:07
  Cody Orth (Campbell Co.) pin Nicholas Romano (Carroll)   2:50
  Joey Dima (Valley View) pin Tayler Klarer (Jay County)   4:35
120:2x4 Lucas Byrd (LaSalle) tech. fall Zakk Atkins (Jay County)   tf17-2
  Justin Mills (Valley View) pin Orlando Smith (Reading)   1:00
  Jake Gentry (Ross) tech. fall Tyler Harkins (Norwood)   tf18-2
  Levi Clay (Washington) maj. dec. Casey Imhof (Campbell Co.)   md15-4
126:2x5 Antoine Allen (LaSalle) pin Tyler Bruns (Ross)   3:55
  Pippy Johnson (Norwood) pin Jayden Zimmerman (Valley View)   3:00
  Tyler Woods (Franklin) pin Gage Daugherty (Western Brown)   6:00
  Sean Conway (Carroll) pin Mitchell Ferguson (Jay County)   1:48
132:2x4 Tanner Donathan (Western Brown) pin Bryan Quiroz (Carroll)   1:43
  Casey Wiles (LaSalle) maj. dec. Kevin Myers (Valley View)   md12-3
  Thomas Ketchen-Carter (Campbell Co.) dec. Casey Ragle (Norwood)   6-3
  Ian Liette (Jay County) dec. Talon Webb (Ross)   9-6
138:2x4 Darnai Heard (LaSalle) pin Dalton Mathews (Valley View)   1:30
  Brayden Ploehs (Ross) dec. Dustin Robins (Reading)   4-2
  Logan Raney (Franklin) pin Jason King (Carroll)   2:45
145:2x4 E`lan Heard (LaSalle) pin Will Baughn (Washington)   5:45
  Caleb Cox (Valley View) maj. dec. Tyler Dishun (Franklin)   md9-0
  Jordan Hamblin (Western Brown) pin Sean Beltran (Ross)   1:20
  Colton Robins (Reading) maj. dec. Matthew Grieshop (Carroll)   md14-0
152:2x4 Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) pin Cameron Addis (Norwood)   1:50
  Kole Deel (Valley View) maj. dec. Dylan Campbell (Ross)   md15-5
  Zane Nelson (Washington) pin Evan Harris (Franklin)   3:49
  Issia Johnson (Reading) maj. dec. Chad Robinson (Western Brown)   md15-3
160:2x5 Mason Winner (Jay County) pin Sam Willis (Washington)   1:35
  Blake Coy (Carroll) pin Michael Ritchie (Franklin)   3:40
  Logan Iams (Ross) maj. dec. Sam Conner (Reading)   md13-3
170:4x3 Trey Sizemore (LaSalle) tech. fall Trenton Randall (Carroll)   tf19-4
  Gage Johnson (Franklin) pin Cooper Scott (Reading)   1:21
  Chandler Chapman (Jay County) pin Alan Bailey*WAS (X2)   2:15
  Chris Conger (Washington) pin Miguel Martinez-Gomez (Norwood)   1:30
182:2x4 Blake Wilson (LaSalle) pin Collier Brown (Washington)   2:56
  Mitchel Frasher (Jay County) dec. Jared Kremer (Franklin)   8-4
  Eric Altman (Western Brown) pin Caulil Sewell*LAS (X1)   1:23
  Austin Hamblin (Ross) dec. Christian Meyers (Valley View)   11-4
195:2x4 Stone Day (Valley View) pin Garvin Adams (Franklin)   0:35
  Ethan Mills (Ross) dec. Daniel Ostrowski (Jay County)   10-4
  Michael Baker (LaSalle) tech. fall Davey Stamper (Western Brown)   tf15-0
220:2x4 Tom Coleman (Ross) pin Perry Gardiner (Valley View)   3:33
  Gaven Hare (Jay County) pin Wes Frazier (Washington)   2:09
  Hunter Lester (Franklin) pin Aaron Fischer (Western Brown)   3:34
285:2x5 Trent Wilson (Valley View) pin Eric Tuttle (Reading)   1:15
  Tim Rolf (Campbell Co.) pin Conner Davis (Jay County)   4:28
  Robert Brown (LaSalle) dec. Seth Jermer (Western Brown)   5-3
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