Mission Statement

Educational Values of Athletics


We believe in inter-scholastic athletics.

We believe there are substantial educational outcomes from a soundly conceived and executed program for the players, the student body, and the school as a whole.

We believe the potential values to the participants are genuine. Rigorous competition under prescribed regulations and policies provide for adolescent boys and girls the opportunity to develop ideas and habits of health, fair play, initiative, achievement, and emotional control.

We believe students can be taught to win gracefully and to lose in the same fashion.

We believe that many students have found a purpose in their school work and in their lives through the program of athletics.

We believe that athletics provide for the student body tangible values. Athletics can make a substantial contribution to morale and can provide an outlet for enthusiasm.

We believe the athletic program, though differing in nature from the academic program, does justify its existence by providing a profitable educational experience for the participant.

We believe the welfare of the individual student is always to be the primary concern. The game exists for the student-never the student for the game.