All Sports Mandatory Parent Meeting - Monday August 20th

Parents Preseason Meeting Invitation for Newton Junior High and High School Parents & Athletes

Dear Parents:

You and your student-athlete are invited to attend a preseason athletic meeting that will include school administrators. This meeting will take place on MONDAY, AUGUST 20TH at 6:30 p.m., and will be held in the JH GYM. The general purpose of the meeting is to make students and their parents aware of the obligations they must meet in order to have the privilege of participating in interscholastic athletics. Besides reviewing the school’s essential eligibility standards, our athletic policies and/or code of conduct and reviewing policies and procedures related to topics like sportsmanship and health and concussion/sports medicine issues, attendees will also have the opportunity to break down into smaller groups to meet with the coaches of the students’ particular sport. We hope you will join us for this informative meeting since attendance is a required condition in order for your student to be eligible to compete for our school. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Hope you all enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 20th!!

Gavin Spitler

Athletic Director

8/20/2018 6:30 PM








Pat McBride


Danielle Davis

Assistant Principal

Steve Fisher

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Gavin Spitler

Site Manager - Fall & Winter

Stan Fessler

Site Manager - Winter

Jodi Whittaker
Site Manager - Winter & Spring Tina Mollette
AD Secretary

Brenda Walker

AD Secretary

MaryJo Prickett

Coaching Staff



Varsity Baseball

Jordan Kopp

Varsity Baseball - Assistant 

Eric Schindler

JV Baseball

Greg Kopp

Varsity Basketball - Boys

Gavin Spitler

Varsity Assistant - Boys Neal Hans

JV Basketball - Boys

Wade Wehrley
JH Basketball - Boys Matt Hunsbarger
JH Basketball - Boys Pete Montgomery

Varsity Basketball - Girls

Steve Fisher

JV Basketball - Girls

 Scott Davis

JH Basketball - Girls Missy Meyer
JH Basketball - Girls Christina Kenworthy
HS Bowling Eric Schindler

HS Cheer Advisor

Heather Peters

HS Cheer Assistant Advisor Tina Mollette
JH Cheer Advisor Shannon Hemphill

HS Cross Country - Boys/Girls

Aubrey Hughes 

JH Cross Country - Boys/Girls Aubrey Hughes 

HS Golf - Boys/Girls

Randall Jamison
HS Golf - Boys/Girls - Assistant Chase Lavy/Doug Garber

 Soccer - Boys

Jeff Armentrout

Soccer - Boys - Assistant Dean Evans

Soccer - Girls

Marissa Kleman

Soccer - Girls - Assistant Meredith Budding

HS Softball

Mark Gibson

HS Softball - Assistant Taylor Stevens, Becky Chamberlain
JH Softball Dean Evans
JH Softball - Assistant Jeff Armentrout

HS Track and Field - Boys/Girls

 Nick Rhoades

HS Track and Field - Boys/Girls - Assistant

Tiffany McBride/Larry Gearhardt

HS Track and Field - Boys/Girls - Assistant

Heather Tippie/Erica Cavender

JH Track and Field - Boys/Girls

Aubrey Hughes
Varsity Volleyball Mike Albright
Varsity Volleyball - Assistant Tina Mollette
JV Volleyball Eric Schindler
JH Volleyball Ashley Lavy
JH Volleyball Danita Rapp