Pat McBride


Danielle Davis

Assistant Principal

Steve Fisher

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Gavin Spitler

Site Manager - Fall, Winter, & Spring

Jane Jess

Site Manager - Winter

Stan Fessler
AD Secretary

Brenda Walker

AD Secretary

MaryJo Prickett

Coaching Staff



Varsity Baseball

Jordan Kopp

Varsity Baseball - Assistant 

Mason Siler

JV Baseball

Greg Kopp

Varsity Basketball - Boys

Gavin Spitler

Varsity Assistant - Boys Neal Hans

JV Basketball - Boys

Wade Wehrley
JH Basketball - Boys Matt Hunsbarger
JH Basketball - Boys Pete Montgomery

Varsity Basketball - Girls

Steve Fisher
Assistant Varsity Basketball - Girls Shandar Thompson

JV Basketball - Girls

 Scott Davis

JH Basketball - Girls Missy Meyer
JH Basketball - Girls Christina Kenworthy
HS Bowling Eric Schindler

HS Cheer Advisor

Megan Weir

HS Cheer Assistant Advisor Tina Mollette
JH Cheer Advisor Heather Smith

HS Cross Country - Boys/Girls

Aubrey Hughes 

JH Cross Country - Boys/Girls Tiffany McBride 

HS Golf - Boys/Girls

Randall Jamison
HS Golf - Boys/Girls - Assistant Chase Lavy

 Soccer - Boys

Jeff Armentrout

Soccer - Boys - Assistant Dean Evans

Soccer - Girls

Stan Fessler

Soccer - Girls - Assistant Greg Ballard

HS Softball

Mark Gibson

HS Softball - Assistant Taylor Stevens/Katie Stewart
JH Softball Becky Chamberlain
JH Softball - Assistant Kirk Kadel

HS Track and Field - Boys/Girls

 Nick Rhoades

HS Track and Field - Boys/Girls - Assistant

Tiffany McBride/Larry Gearhardt

HS Track and Field - Boys/Girls - Assistant

Heather Tippie/Erica Cavender

JH Track and Field - Boys/Girls

Aubrey Hughes
Varsity Volleyball Mike Albright
Varsity Volleyball - Assistant Tina Mollette
JV Volleyball Eric Schindler
JH Volleyball Ashley Lavy
JH Volleyball Danita Rapp