Newton Athletic Department's Laundry Detergent Sale

Good Afternoon,

The Newton Athletic Department will be starting the semi-annual laundry detergent sale today!! The due date for all orders in Wednesday, April 11th and the anticipated delivery date will be Wednesday, May 2nd. All checks should be made out to Newton Athletics.
Order forms are available down the left hand side of the home page of the athletics' website. You can either send your orders directly to me or you can go through a student-athlete. 
Coaches - hard copies of the order forms will be in your respective mailboxes by the end of today. Please let the student-athletes know that we will be working with the same incentive program, details below:
At least 5 buckets sold = 1 free t-shirt
Top Seller = 1 free travel suit
Thanks for your support for Newton Athletics!!

3/20/2018 5:26 PM

GIRLS Volleyball

2017-2018 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
3 Chloe Rapp S/RS 5'2" 2019
5 Treanna Lavy DS 5'5" 2018
8 Halli Gipe DS 5'2" 2019
12 Alyssa Rapp L 5'2" 2019
16 Alicia Dunning MB 5'8" 2019
19 Mallory L. Dunlevy OH 5'7" 2019
21 Madison Hildebrand OH 5'7" 2019
22 Kacie Tackett S 0'0" 2018
25 Erin Norman MB 0'0" 2019
Coaching Staff
Mike Albright
Varsity Volleyball - Head Coach

Tina Mollette
Varsity Volleyball - Assistant Coach