Sudden Cardiac Arrest - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

Good Afternoon Student-Athletes & Parents/Guardians,

I have some important information that will affect the student-athletes eligibility for Fall, Winter, and Spring sports. 

Lindsay's Law (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) becomes effective on August 1, 2017. This announcement along with the video and other information was just announced over the summer. 

The law requires that all parents/guardians and all student-athletes in grades 7-12 must watch a video (link: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Video), read through Sudden Cardiac Arrest information packet (link: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information), and both parent/guardian and the student-athlete must sign the Sudden Cardiac Arrest signature form (link: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Signature Form). After signing the form must be turned into your coach. 

**Please note: according to state law this must be completed every year for each sport, which the student-athlete is involved. (ex. if your son/daughter play soccer and basketball then the form must be completed and turned in to the respective coach for each sport).

If you have any questions please contact Gavin Spitler at 937-676-2002 or at


Gavin Spitler

Newton Athletic Director

8/1/2017 7:26 PM

Mission Statement


1.  Enhance the academic mission of the school district.

  • Athletes are students first and that shall never be compromised.
  • It is recognized that a well-organized and well-conducted athletic program is a potent factor in the morale of the school and student body.  It is also a very important phase of good community/school relations.
  • The program should provide an opportunity of positive conference, regional and statewide exposure for the district through athletic accomplishments, which contribute to the overall success of the school.


2.  Achieve the total development of the student-athlete.

  • To develop sportsmanship
    • by developing/enhancing pride.
    • by learning to accept constructive criticism.
    • by broadening and developing strength of character.
    • by developing team concepts and positive attitudes.
    • by developing leadership skills.
    • by developing basic skills unique to each sport.
    • by learning to work toward a common team goal.
  • Intellectual growth of student/athlete leading to graduation and a productive life thereafter.
  • Service to the community.


3.  Ensure a high quality, comprehensive program founded on un-compromised integrity.

  • Meeting and exceeding both the letter and the spirit of the Newton Local School District, the Cross County Conference and the Ohio High School Athletic Association policies and guidelines.
  • Honesty in interactions with all persons.
  • Insistence on high moral standards, which include fairness, good character and respect for others.