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Pay to Play Fees


The Loveland Board of Education has constituted the following athletic participation fee structure for Loveland High School athletes.  The fees for each athlete are:        $250 for boys’ lacrosse, $155.00 for football and $105.00 for all other sports.  A maximum charge of $420.00 per family will be assessed for each school year (includes middle school athletes of same family). 

CHECKS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO:  LOVELAND HS ATHLETICS  and submitted when paperwork is turned in. 


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LHS Athlete’s Name (Please Print)                     Sport                       Fee Amount Enclosed


Have you participated in another sport for Loveland High School this school year?

Yes __________  No___________  If yes, which sport? ________________________

List brothers/sisters who have paid fees already to participate in athletics this school year at LHS/LMS.

NAME                          SPORT                                  LHS/LMS AMOUNT

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PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE                                                      DATE