With the current construction at Logan High School for the new Chieftain Center we wanted to share our plan for parking for home football games this season.

Most of the parking behind the stadium will be handicap and reserved. 
There will be parking in the first lot and in front of the school
Weather permitting, we will be parking behind the school and in the extra field to the left of the first entrance
There will be a parking crew on site to assist with directing vehicles
We will be running shuttle busses starting an hour and a half prior to game time from our Middle School(address 1 Middle School Drive).  The buses will pick up at the MS, drop fans off at the main entrance to the stadium and then return fans starting at the end of the 3rd quarter back to the Middle School.  We encourage fans to take advantage of this service.

9/24/2018 7:40 PM


  • Chieftain Stadium is located on the campus of Logan High School at 14470 SR 328  Logan, Oh  43138
  • Entrance gates are located on both the visitors and home sides.
  • Tickets are available at the ticket gates beginning at approximately 5:30 on game nights
  • Ticket Prices     $6.00  ALL AGES  5+
  • Spectator Parking is located in the paved lots on both sides of the high school.

9/24/2018 7:48 PM


The CHS Athletics Hall of Fame Committee will be convening to review nominations for the 2019 class.  Nominations will be accepted until 9/30/18.  Nomination forms are available online at the CHS Athletics website under the "Resources" tab.  In order to be nominated, the athlete must have graduated a minimum of 5 years prior to nomination.  Completed Nomination documents should be turned in to the CHS Athletic Department.

9/30/2018 8:23 PM


Until further notice, the Athletic Ticket Office hours for Ticket Manager Kaz Pata are M-F, 2:30pm - 3:30pm, in the Athletic Department Office.

9/30/2018 7:05 PM

GIRLS Bowling

  • Home
  • Away
2017-2018 Varsity Schedule
Date Day Event H/A Time Location Results
11/17/2017 Fri vs. Tournament Tbd H 3:30 PM Shawnee Lanes n/a 2ND Place -
11/28/2017* Tue vs. Miami Trace High School H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes L 1474 - Miami Trace - 1785 Washington - 1474
12/05/2017 Tue vs. Lynchburg Clay Hs H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes L 1728 - 1859
12/07/2017* Thu @ Hillsboro High School A 4:30 PM Highland Lanes L 1604 - 2157
12/09/2017 Sat @ Tournament Tbd A 11:30 AM Columbus Palace Lanes W 16th Place -
12/12/2017 Tue vs. Logan Elm High School H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes W 1307 - Circleville 1211 Logan Elm 1945
12/16/2017* Sat @ Tournament Tbd A 12:00 PM Beaver Vu Lanes, Beavercreek, OH n/a 21ST Place -
12/19/2017* Tue vs. Mcclain High School H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes L 1624 - 1740
12/22/2017 Fri @ Wellston High School A 4:00 PM Le Ella Lanes L 1431 - 1543
12/29/2017* Fri @ Mcclain High School A 4:30 PM Highland Lanes L 1366 - 1671
01/05/2018* Fri vs. Hillsboro High School H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes L 1766 - 2196
01/06/2018 Sat vs. Tournament Tbd H 11:00 AM Shawnee Lanes n/a 6TH Place -
01/09/2018 Tue vs. Wellston High School H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes W 1768 - 1194
01/10/2018 Wed @ Miami Trace High School A 4:30 PM Le Ella Lanes W 1826 - Miami Trace 1774 Washington CH 2030
01/13/2018* Sat @ Washington High School - Baker Bash A 9:00 AM Le Ella Lanes n/a PPD -
01/16/2018* Tue @ Logan Elm High School A 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes n/a PPD -
01/19/2018* Fri @ Jackson High School A 4:30 PM Wellston Lanes W 1563 - 1515
01/20/2018* Sat @ Tournament Tbd A 9:00 AM Poelking Lanes South, Dayton, OH n/a 16th Place -
01/26/2018* Fri vs. Logan H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes n/a Cancelled -
01/31/2018* Wed @ Logan A 4:30 PM Logan Lanes W 1427 - 1396
02/06/2018* Tue vs. Jackson High School H 4:30 PM Shawnee Lanes W 1607 - 1378
02/08/2018* Thu @ Lynchburg Clay Hs A 4:30 PM Highland Lanes L 1659 - 2076
02/10/2018* Sat vs. Fac Championship H 9:00 AM Shawnee Lanes n/a 5th Place -
03/03/2018 Sat @ DISTRICT BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIPS - District Bowling Championships A 10:00 AM Park Lanes, Heath, OH -
03/09/2018* Fri @ STATE BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIPS - State Bowling Championships A TBA Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl -
03/10/2018* Sat @ STATE BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIPS - State Bowling Championships A TBA Wayne Webb's Bowling Palace, Columbus, OH -